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Frequently Asked Questions

bullet How many miles/hours is Galice to Foster Bar?

The approximate driving time is 2 hours and the actual distance is 44 miles, one-way. Here is a BLM shuttle map that details the routes: Click To View A PDF At BLM Website.

bullet How many miles/hours is the Edan Valley Route (Galice to Foster Bar)?

The approximate driving time is 2 ½-3 hours and the actual distance is 75 miles, one-way. View BLM Shuttle Map.

bullet What’s the river CFS/temp of the river?

We post daily the CFS/temp of the river inside the Galice Resort store. You can also check this website for the most up-to-date water level/temperature information: Click to View WaterData Website.

bullet What are the levels of rapids on the river?

There are all levels of rapids on the Rogue River. We sell Rogue River maps and books in the Galice Store that show exactly where the rapids are located on the river and the class (degree of difficulty) of each of the listed rapids.

bullet What is the best/most interesting stretch to raft on the Rogue River’s recreational section?

It really all depends on what you and your group want to experience. There are approximately the same amount/size of rapids from Hog Creek to Grave Creek.

bullet What are the Different Rafting Destinations with "Miles to Know" and Length of Time they take?

See our Rentals Page for information.

bullet Where is the closest ATM?

The Pantry (small convenience grocery store) in Merlin.

bullet Where can I get a fishing license/tags?

Day and multi-day fishing licenses/tags are conveniently available for purchase online at

bullet How can I check to see if you have any room availability?

Click the following link: Online Reservations and Availability.

bullet Where do you get river permits?

Rand Ranger Station (Smullin Visitors Center) down river from Galice Resort just before Almeda.

bullet How do I get my vehicle(s) to the take-out after using my own equipment on the river?

You can find shuttle services at Rogue Wilderness, OTT or BLT.

bullet Where are nearby public boat ramps?

Hog Creek Access is approximately 7 miles upriver from Galice. Indian Mary Park is approximately 5 miles upriver from Galice. Ennis Riffle is 1 ½ miles upriver from Galice. Galice Resort: we have our own private boat ramp below the restaurant available for your use. Almeda Park is approximately 4 miles downriver from Galice. Graves Creek is approximately 7 miles downriver from Galice.

bullet What items should I make sure to take with me on my rafting/camping trip?

Clothing such as: Bandana/ Hat/Visor/ Swimsuit/swimsuit coverup/ Sweatshirt/light shirts/long sleeve shirt/sweatpants/shorts Walking shoes
Creature Comforts: Sunglasses/ Croakies/Chums/ Sunblock/ Water shoes/ Chapstick w/SPF/ Deck of cards/ Flashlight/batteries/ Waterproof disposable camera
Food/Drink/Kitchen Gear: Water/ Lunch/dinner foods Snacks/ Ice/ Beverages/ Lighter fluid/charcoal Wine/bottle opener/ Pots/pans/kitchen utensils/ Folding tables/chairs River Gear: Boat - oar or paddle/ Life jacket/ Whistle (attach to your life jacket)/ Paddles/oars/ Pump/ Waterproof bags (dry bags)/ Towels/ Laminated river map/ Waterproof river guide book/ Fire pan/matches/foldable shovel/ Lugga Loo (Portable toilet -- required for multiple day rafting trips)/ Raft patch kit/ Carabiner/ Tarp/ Cooler(s)/ Dry boxes

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